Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Minute

Random Thought: "I still like Choose Your Own Adventures."

Every year there are people who wait until the last minute to write their games. And they work hard, for a week, to pump something out quick and dirty. And probably a lot of us have been there. But it's not something that we really look back fondly upon, or enjoy as judges or players in the game. We just feel kind of sad about that silly thing we did in the past. And we moved past it and realized that you either release your best, or you wait until next year. For last year's competition, I had been working on a game for months that I pulled back on because I realized it would not be ready on time. And that's part of being a good author - learning to write hard, strive for quality, and not release anything that hasn't been polished. And as an author, this game feels like a celebration of not trying, not working, being a slacker, and an assumption that I will enjoy and empathize with that feeling. And that doesn't really evoke the kinds of feelings that make for enjoyable gameplay, on top of the typical symptoms of an unpolished game.

So please start now on your game for next year, and let's see something nice.


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