Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Castle Adventure

Random Thought: "If my map gets screwed up, I swear to everything that I am not starting a new one."

As far as IF / Text Adventure enthusiasts, I feel I am on the younger side. Perhaps that is why I do not have the nostalgia or affection for the grindfest-styled empty-room mazes. These just feel annoying and impeding to me - they are what the gamedesigner has put in to stretch out gameplay and make the game last long enough to satisfy a time quota. The grind is supposed to break up the interesting things: plot, puzzles, and potentially other mechanics. But in an Indie game competition where gamewriters have been freed from that demand for grind, I don't much see the point in including it. But I tapped out as soon as I realized what I was in for, and went straight for the walkthrough.

Which thank goodness it had a walkthrough, because I think I would have quit otherwise. Each plot point and seemed loosely tied together making sense only because someone wrote that they must, and the other characters were incredibly flat / offensive stereotypes. I feel like these games must be very near and dear to a sizable population of the IF community, but they just baffle me.


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