Friday, April 22, 2016

The Sea Eternal
Making The Sea Eternal was a monumental undertaking. Its goal was to give players a rounded experience that feels both immersive and player-directed. I wanted to create a world where the players were dealing with realistic characters that had needs that sometimes conflicted, and asked the player how they wanted to sort through those different issues, in a way that felt organic and natural. That took a lot of words (nearly 300,000*) and a whole lot of testing, editing, and polishing. But I'm really proud of the way everything came together.

I've documented the different aspects of design that went into pulling this all together down below, as well as some aspects of the game design that mattered to me:

Definitely you should
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*Here's photo evidence. That's the game, in book form.


  1. We unlocked full version on my daughters iPod but when we try to see full version on my phone Restore Purchases says we have not unlocked it.

    1. Ah! You should definitely speak to the company, or perhaps Apple. I'm sorry that happened, and I wish I could do more to fix it.

  2. I was wondering, as it isn't super obvious, what all of the romance options may be? (Although, to be honest, I mostly have a tiny crush on Ichtare haha)

    I loved this story, by the way. I just finished playing it for the first time and I'm going to play it again. I especially connected with and understood Faye's struggle, being trans myself. And in a way, being able to tell her that she will always be herself and that I would support her gave me a small catharsis for the years of abuse I went through with little support. I appreciate that I had the option to tell her things I never got to hear. Thank you.

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