Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Murphy's Law

Random Thought: "If I just >WAIT, nothing will go wrong."

I liked this game. Things happened at about the rate I expected, and I enjoyed the humor. It had a pretty good level of detail too. Very solid all around. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of various elements, very deadpan delivery that really worked well with the material given. I enjoyed the papercut puzzle, and while many games can have overly complex command chains, I felt like that was really a feature and part of the humor of the game, and I really enjoyed the detail in getting my car to start. I figured that would be important later, and I think taking note of that detail prevented a bad ending, so I felt like that was a great way to work with the system and reward buying into the ridiculous system. Having a game that ends with a horrible ending can be unsatisfying, but when you are upfront about that horrible ending, it makes it part of the fun to watch it unravel, kind of like a movie you've already watched before years ago. But then again, while tapping that feeling of familiarity can create an instant connection, it also doesn't feel new or exciting.

Only in-game complaint is the typical setting of a crappy unkempt house/apartment, and a protagonist who has details like, dirty dishes but refuses a command "wash dishes". I want to wash my dishes!


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