Friday, July 29, 2011

A Quiet Evening at Home

As someone who admits to having played The Sims 1 and 2, I have been known to enjoy a game that's just about an average person doing average things.

And this was a game that did not disappoint those expectations. I enjoyed turning on and off the sink, getting my hamster to exercise, among other mundane puzzles. I have to say, the intro was pretty nerve-wracking. The game jolted me to ureaic urgency, and the first bathroom puzzle was a good pull-in. I was going "ahhhh!" in my head at having to pull a key out of my backpack and then find the bathroom.

There were several cute moments that made me smile:

>x photographs
You remember the day you took them like it was... five years ago, because it was.

and also I enjoyed the ability to use the computer.

The futon puzzle seemed plausible to me, although maybe it could have been a sleeping bag.

Taking out the trash was really the only bit I didn't like, since I had to guess there was a sideyard and I couldn't push the can, but had to pick it up (In case nobody else mentions it:

After going a direction (called way-pushed) with something (called the thing-pushed):
say "You push [the thing-pushed] [way-pushed] to [the location].";
continue the action.
The trash can is an openable opaque container. It is pushable between rooms.

Instead of going north from the Front Stoop with the trash can: say "Don't push a trashcan inside."
End code.
(Okay, I'm just proud I know how to code something!)

I didn't get to see the end, because I must have hit some sort of bug:

>x self
You feel ready for bed.

>get in bed
you feel like there's something you've forgotten to do. Are you sure you turned everything off
you feel like there's something you've forgotten to do. Are you sure you put away the hamster
you feel like there's something you've forgotten to do. Are you sure you closed and locked all the doors

Which, after checking on the trash and the hamster and both doors made me feel like I had OCD because it still kept repeating these reminders, which was actually an enjoyable ending for me; as if my OCD was keeping me from annoying that quiet evening. Am I sure I locked all the doors? Am I SURE?!

I think overall it was well-written, and well puzzled and I look forward to something more... exciting from Anonymous's life next year.

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