Friday, July 29, 2011

The Chronicler

Well, I enjoyed the flip back and forth feature, that was pretty darn cool, and way better implemented than I thought it'd be, although it would have been nice to just switch time periods in whichever room we were in. Since I'm a chronicler, though, I feel like I should have the ability anyway without some mysterious box.

Points for allowing me to take off my uniform. I hate it when you ANTI-NUDIST ELITISTS force my character to stay clothed. But seriously, for implementation, I don't know what a "pixel hunt" in IF would be called, but this one was it. I would have loved to play this one in a year after it had been fully fleshed out.

I enjoyed the light fixture puzzle, but really I had no idea why I was doing it until after it had been done. There was a lot of potential for really cool time-based puzzles, but alas.

I also had trouble with the map on this one... the hallway teleported you places, but later it became a stairway too? I should have drawn myself a map, but I got the paradox-creating duplicating power cores and finagled my way to an ending, woo!

I would also like to say, this game improved my vocabulary. I thought Gabbro was just a made-up futuristic bit of scenery, but really it's a real kind of rock. I also learned that patina is the oxidized surface of metal.

So, John Evans, start working on your new game now so it will for sure be finished by next year!

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