Friday, July 29, 2011

IF Comp 2010 - Review Main Page

While contestants are gagged against reviewing other games for the weeks during judging, we authors exchanged our own reviews in a private forum. I've copied out the reviews I made, before they disappear from the forums forever. There were some really awesome games, and I look forward to next year. The links are organized by how well they placed in the competition - top place at the top, last place at the bottom.

Also, of course, please read my wrap-up I did of my own game, Divis Mortis. It was really a fun game to write, and it turned out so well that I'm really proud of it. 11th place, huzzah!

Rogue of the Multiverse
One Eye Open
The Blind House
Death Off the Cuff
The People's Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure
Flight of the Hummingbird
The Warbler's Nest
Gris et Jaune (unreviewed by me)
Oxygen (unreviewed by me)
The Bible Retold: Following a Star
Under, In Erebus
Pen and Paint
The 12:54 to Asgard
The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep
Ninja's Fate
Sons of the Cherry
East Grove Hills
R (unreviewed by me)
A Quiet Evening at Home
The Chronicler

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