Friday, July 29, 2011


I thought it was cute and sweet. It took me a few screens to realize that I was tiny, instead of just in a magical land where everything else was huge (which, I guess, is still technically true). I thought I was stabbing a giant Shelob with a crazy magic rose thorn, until I climbed the dandelion.

Anyway, I enjoyed the sake of the adventure for the descriptions. It did seem a bit short, and I feel like I must be the only person who ran into the glitch of not being able to give the jewel to the fairy prince at the end.

(first taking the jewel)
You'd prefer to keep it safe in the sling.

My Zoom was also glitching at this point, I couldn't scroll up because I had the title bar banded against the text, so I am certain that it's something wacky with my interpreter. I would have enjoyed the ability to "ride Snoll".

Overall, cute fun and full of whimsy.

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