Friday, July 29, 2011

Death Off the Cuff

After sampling the first room from each game, this was the first one to play through in my random list (that is to say, I waved my finger at the screen and landed on this one).

It was a fantastic and fun entry. I absolutely loved the intro, sucked me right into the character. Creating a flawed protagonist that the player enjoys is difficult, but I just fell into the role of a pompous ass right away.

When I started gameplay, my interest flagged, because I thought that the gameplay was only about talking trees, but my interested picked back up when I exhausted available talking trees and realized that the room was in fact dynamic.

I loved making my assistant nervous, and I hugely appreciated the ability to ask him accusingly prodding questions instead of just rebuffing me with something like "I don't want to question my own assistant!". Another subtle touch that I appreciate is the note something along the lines of "the perp usually reveals him/herself," because I was worried I might have to write down notes on each character, but this hinted to me that I wouldn't have to.

I took the wrong ending the first time of saving my reputation, and played again with a determination to get it right.

The only complaint I have is that there was no ACCUSE verb. I want to be able to just accuse people when I feel like it. In writing this, I realized I never tried the ARREST verb, but I should try that.

Overall, though it was really fun and inviting, and was really a great play.

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