Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunar Base 1

Random Thought: "Why don't you go check out the glint to the northeast? **Steals shuttle for self and leaves the crazy astronaut here to die.**  "

This game was short, but it did not have the complete lack of polish usually accompanied by such short games. I felt like the writing and mechanics could have been a little better in places, but overall the game felt like a fair example. Maybe something like a well-done first attempt or a solid second attempt. This game definitely harkened back to its roots with regards to adventuring: Solaris meets 2001: A Space Odyssey. Which is definitely a creepy kind of premise and offers a great starting point for a story or a plot, and I enjoy going after that vibe. I didn't feel it as much as I should have: the game felt like it expected a very specific action to advance the plot, but did not always provide hints as to the expected action. And while probably others have pointed this out, the suit on/ suit off shuffle got repetitive after awhile, which slowed the pace and impeded my immersion.

While it felt a little bit like I was watching a movie, it felt like a familiar movie's remake with some flaws, but still an enjoyable homage. I'd really like to see more from this author! I feel like there's some good potential here with more work. And while I agree that you put a lot of work into this already, being asked to put in more work feels kind of like a dick move on the player's part, but that's how you get better and create these memorable experiences.


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