Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Random Thought: "Will I get called a demon-child if I throw the sermon into the fire?"

This game had a really engaging beginning. I felt completely engaged and attuned to the character. The voice was spot-on and I instantly felt like a bored kid in a stuffy room. The aunt had engaging and well-written dialogue, and the scenery was well-described and interesting. I instantly felt my motivation and I felt given a good direction on what I needed to be doing.

But that's where it stopped. I wasn't able to advance the game, and even after referring to hints, I wasn't able to get past the first room. Perhaps I was missing the exact keyword to ask the aunt about, but I noticed that there was an updated version of the game, which leads me to believe that perhaps this was a bug. Unfortunately, as a purist, I am judging this game based on the turn-in date (I held myself to this same standard when I released my game). And so I don't get to play it past the first room. Without a walkthrough from the author, I can't get any further. Which makes me sad, this seemed like a really promising game, and probably would have gotten a 10/10 (which I interpret as having no faults in accomplishing everything it sets out to do, as well as being enjoyable).


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