Friday, July 29, 2011

Rogue of the Multiverse

Heh, I absolutely loved this game. I named my character James and made him a male, which turned out to be pretty awesome after I bought the tuxedo and hopped onto a rocket car to escape my captors.

I loved the humor in all of this - the bananas, stealing stuff just to sell it, a worm assembling stuff it its stomach... all the details were spot-on humorous. And for anyone who didn't buy the books, I recommend them. :D The tagging mechanic was pretty fun too, every was just so intuitive.

I played the game a 2nd time and bought Sliss a dress, but there wasn't any point where I could give it to her, which was especially disappointing after I was allowed to kiss her. I thought maybe getting her a gift and being well-dressed would trigger a separate ending where we were closer to equals, but I was still just a test subject. I guess I should have known based on how she treated her fish.

Absolutely fun and engaging, really strong when it came to all those little details.

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