Friday, July 29, 2011


I just finished this game the other day. It was cute, it was involving, and just created the story world perfectly. It all seemed natural to have these dinosaurs living with you. I enjoyed the monkey that followed you around, even if it got creepy after awhile (I named it Gollum, so maybe the creepiness was my fault). Which, speaking of which I love how the author recognized that giving things native-sounding names would be difficult to type and gave us the opportunity to name them. That's something I have never known was possible.

The plot was pretty involving, the language bits were great, the puzzles were straightforward, and as a total hippie I loved getting to interact with nature. I think at one point I encountered the unwinnable bug, that is, I had the map and the GPS w/ battery, but it wouldn't let me back into the jungle even after I had already been to the jungle.

Not just a solid entry, it's a diamond-studded one.

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