Friday, July 29, 2011

Ninja's Fate

Being a pirate person (GLARE), I find myself not as familar with ninja lore, and I stubbornly didn't examine the very things I was holding, which would have been a good idea to get the lockpicking device right away, and I felt foolish about not solving that puzzle.

When it came to the rest of the game, fun times and silliness abounded. I loved the unpaintable wall, the competition gallery, and I went around trying to paint everything.

The maze was daunting until I realized it was just there to be silly, not to actually be navigable, and it made the maze into something (gasp!) fun! While the foe attacks got tiresome after awhile, I enjoyed the variety greatly and smiled at all the cool stuff there was. The game really seemed like a great tribute to a wonky writer.

I managed to get 3 of the endings by myself, and the other endings seemed pretty reasonable enough from the hints section, but if anyone gets ending 6, share! I was disappointed there was no seppuku-styled ending possible, but that's just quibbling.

The trapdoor that's always closed seemed to tease away, maybe that had something to do with ending 6? or maybe it's just a ye can not get ye flask device.

Fun, silly and a great game!

[Later, I wrote:]

The more I think about Ninja's Fate, the more it grows on me and I find myself thinking of how sweet it is. I liked the museum, I did go back and figure out the trap door stuff, the wide expansive maze with poor implementation and randomly generated descriptions and attackers, the wall, the bust, the descriptions. I thought combining the elements of his work was a great way to pay tribute. I feel like it was really very clear what the significance of each wing was meant to be, and even though (as my first year participating in IF) I've never played anything by Panks, I feel like I really got to know who this guy was and what he did: persistently made the same kind of game over and over with a determination like it was very important. I feel like I got to know his character and make a sort of connection. I dunno, maybe I am just a sentimental type, but I'm treasuring this for what it is - a great memorial done in the style of Pank's passion. I think this did a good job of presenting unsuitable gaming elements while not making them game-breaking or game-interrupting: it captured the style without making it actually a bad game. I enjoyed it!

I want to say thank you for this entry, it's been something I've enjoyed as a unique experience.

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