Friday, July 29, 2011


As a newcomer to IF, I went through past archives of reviews, and I seemed to glean that the get-ready-for-work type of game is used and used often, and often the bane of entries for being boring. This was really anything but.

There were genuine puzzles, there was a hook of a premise, and really well-implemented mechanics. I played this game several times through, because the briefness allowed itself to be replayed and replayed. It was charming, it was cute, and it was fun.

Aside from the anger mechanics that permeated everything, including the UNDO command, my favorite puzzle was the time-sensitive sandwich. Knowing that the sandwich goes bad, I am kind of laughing at what will eventually be my avatar's rude awakening in a few more minutes. Here's hoping he had some money to buy something else for lunch!

The backyard was pretty useless, but I'll take it as social commentary on the uselessness of backyards in general, which I approve of.

Some other silly-amusing details I enjoyed: being able to flush the alarm, and the scene with the keys bouncing into the toilet even after you've closed the toilet.

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