Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Learning to Be Human

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Learning to Be Human was a commissioned piece as part of an anti-bullying campaign for the North London Collegiate School Jeju in South Korea. In the game, an Android protagonist helps players understand and help improve the lives of bullies, victims, and even bystanders when they choose to spend their days with the different characters. Because these experiences are so personal and engaging while offering students chances for change, students can better absorb and identify with the lessons presented.

Creating this game required research into local Korean student culture, research into strategies for change, and of course, a delicate strategy for making a game fun.

Here are the article discussing these different issues:

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  1. I enjoyed Creatures Such as We. I think I was bullied when I was growing up, but I wasn't perceptive enough to notice. Nevertheless, even if Elegy isn't a good ghost, ghost power is very real. Or was I the Traditionalist?