Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tenth Plague

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Tenth Plague was more of a short adventure that I created while I was in the middle of work on another, larger project that ultimately never ended up getting finished. It was intended to be kind of a new and different look at what is a familiar story to many people.

Overall, I felt that the game was tighter, better written, and better implemented that my first attempt, Divis Mortis. I definitely felt that the game represented technical and quality improvements, and I'm proud of how the game came out in that regards. I focused more on tone editing as well, and I think that especially paid off.

The game also contained an innovation within the text adventures: the ability to replay with a commentary mode that offered additional historical/literary context to every puzzle situation. This was my first game that really required a good amount of research for the setting, and that kind of research is really something that brought out cool details both in the flavor text and in the puzzles themselves.

The game placed similarly to Divis Mortis from last year, but with a larger number of entrants, so I feel good that it's a forward momentum. I'm looking forward to something bigger and more exciting next year.

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