Saturday, November 3, 2012


Random thought: "I am friends with a drug lord."

Well, this was a short CYOA. It had an interesting premise and some interesting (possibly?) mechanics. After restarting several times, I manged to find the correct sequence of events, but I felt like a superstitious pigeon, because there didn't seem to be much reason to the solution - just pick options until you get the right one. I initially thought that maximizing the caffeine in my system would help my athletic skills, but that did not pan out. Then I thought that being annoying enough would make my friend materialize, but that didn't help either. I did enjoy some of the small jokes about being a foreigner traveling in another country - the ubiquitous American Starbucks and McDonalds, the difficulty and frustration with basic human interactions, the money confusion. Disappointingly for such a short CYOA, I seemed to run into a bug where sometimes going "back to security" from the terminal entrance would prevent progress. This game definitely offered a little bit of enjoyment, but it could have used some more work and cohesion.


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