Saturday, November 3, 2012


Random Thought: "A urinal-only bathroom?   D: "

Well this looked like a promising and interesting game with some great character interactions. The About warned me that some serious shit might go down too. I immediately became curious about the story behind this job. What brought all these people together? Was my adoptive father shady? I appreciated the interaction with the waitress.

Unfortunately I got stuck too early on, where after >SLEEPING for the night there was nowhere for me to go or do to get this job rolling (the lack of room directions didn't help either). Talking to my dad didn't help, he just suggested we SLEEP for night again. It seemed to get into a state where it wasn't progressing. I figured that I would restart and go through that part with a walkthrough to get around this bug, but there wasn't a walkthrough for the Intro. Which just goes to show: never assume that any part of your game is "too easy" to not need a walkthrough. Which is too bad, it had an incredibly promising beginning.


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