Sunday, November 4, 2012

Body Bargain

Random Thought: "How about I just wash dishes instead?"

This game grossed me out hardcore, which was I believe the intent of the game, so kudos. To be fair, I felt much of the grossout was just having to do with surgery in general: one of my grossest memories was watching a video in a biology class of arthritis surgery. So when it came to just the procedures, I steeled myself as best I could, telling myself it was just par for the course.

Where the true horror is, of course, in the unregulated and whimsical practices of this doctor. The true horror is with the abuse of power, the callous disregard of rights or empathy or sterile procedures - the poor framing of my old tattoo should have tipped me off. I even felt for the White Dragon, whose vision of his body might not match my own desires, but still deserves the shot to actually get what he wants. He deserves regulation and a doctor who would work with him to give him some sort of compromise, or at least be honest about the cost. What this game was really about for me was how this doctor could prey on the desires and abuse them. This game completely hit the mark when it came to making me feel shocked and disgusted. But I think it might have been leaning on blaming the victims for having those desires so strongly, for giving in to the pressure to be a certain body type (when arguably White Dragon was deciding not to succumb the peer pressure to conform to a certain body type - namely human), and really it feels like blaming a lady who got felt up by a dentist for getting braces.

This game had some problems with implementation and sometimes I struggled with the parser, which was disappointing, and I ran into a situation where an Overclock who was no longer in the room was commenting on my surgery technique.


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