Friday, July 29, 2011

The Warbler's Nest

Oh, I absolutely loved this one. It was dark and twisted in a way that was horrifying because of how reality-based the horror was. This sort of thing happened, the darkness of superstition, how it just gripped people's minds and warped them to do cruel things in the name of warding off evil. The way that I watched the woman convince herself that she was holding a changeling and that drowning it... seems to crazy to us, but that's how it was back in the demon-haunted world: people did and justified horrible stuff because of these legends.

I've always been a fan of The Twilight Zone, and I have to say, this would adapt into an episode really easily. I had been toying with how you could convey that slight lunacy, that uncertainty in an IF game while still keeping it interactive and this nailed it quite well.

My only complaint was that "remembering" the garden didn't put the garden into the room description of "Outside the cottage", so I thought the garden was NE or SE of the cottage and I got stuck for way too many turns.

Again, this was absolutely fantastic, and I want to say it's my favorite so far, despite being so short.

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