Friday, July 29, 2011

Pen and Paint

Well, this game was a lot like Myst, and not just because of the book-as-a-world mechanic. It had varied other worlds, and a large scale. It would have made a great adventure for solving slowly over several weeks. I have to say, the amount of work that's been put into this game is pretty obvious. So many cool mechanics, cool backgrounds. I loved how magic is just taken for granted (a sphere of grave dust, a musician in my bathroom, uncertainty about how the kitchen machines work).

I did feel bad about taking the slave's shawl and not properly returning it.

It definitely needed some work, some more hints about how exactly you can trigger "entering" the book, how much inspiration you need and such. I spent 2 hours just exploring the house trying to figure out how to get inspired enough to enter the books.

Also, it could have used an official end, instead of just commanding a "stop".

I enjoyed this a bit, even though it was frustrating. I'd seriously love to see it fixed up and fancy.

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