Friday, July 29, 2011

The Bible Retold: Following a Star

This game certainly tried to pull out all the stops. It had a map image that changed based on your location, for starters, and from what I hear, it had very engaging puzzles, but I absolutely couldn't get into it. The first dozen or even two dozen turns were on rails. I wasn't allowed to take a sword (I'll fight them off with my fists!, an NPC jokes), I was only allowed to follow these NPC's blathering on about how they were going to see their Christian savior. The text was just so unnatural and stupid; ""We must follow the star," Melchior proclaims bluntly. "We must honour this future king, for he will be mighty and powerful."".

There was an effort to make things silly, slightly scandalous (let's just buy the baby a rattle and diaper, har har) and light-hearted, but it was a bit like watching a children's version of a bible story, a la Veggie Tales.

I didn't make it too much further than the part on rails, just because it was a little too saccharine for my likes.

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